Clients often ask us for help when they are trying to solve a strategic issue and just do not have the information or resources to provide the needed perspective. Strategic projects typically involve extensive meta-analysis of existing internal documents, robust secondary research and internal and potentially, external interviews with industry experts.


The need: Comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape in a category. This included assessments of: competitive brand digital experience, key retailer digital capabilities and which apps and technologies to pursue (and which to ignore).

We took a multi-faceted approach to understanding the landscape including:
  • Compiling and analyzing data from over 500 internal and external sources
  • Interviewing expert internal resources
  • Researching, understanding and using over 30 various apps and technologies
Tradewind Group made the chaotic simple for our client by:
  • Identifying key strengths and weaknesses against competitors and strategies to win
  • Identifying which retailers to partner with and how
  • Scoring over 30 apps and technologies to identify which to pursue and which to ignore
  • Uncovering key consumer needs in the category and providing ideas for meeting these needs
  • Providing simple, easy to use charts to summarize information